Remy Human Hair

Published: 02nd February 2010
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Remy hair is usually marketed as the highest quality in hair extensions, and for good reason. Why is Remy human hair such a great choice of hair extensions? Let us look at exactly what Remy hair is, in order to understand this.

What is Remy Human Hair?

Remy hair has just two defining characteristics:

• All its cuticles (the long layers of cells that coat our hair) run in one direction from root to tip.

• It is gathered from the donor in a way that the cuticles remain aligned; hence, there is no tangling.

There are further types and categories of Remy hair.

Categories of Remy Human Hair:

• Single Drawn/Double Drawn:

Single drawn Remy hair is the one in which the hair wefts are made of hair of different lengths. This closely resembles naturally growing hair and looks realistic. Double drawn Remy hair is the one in which the hair wefts are made of hair strands that are all exactly the same length. These look very neat, but they are very expensive because of the time and effort it takes to sort each individual strand of hair by length.

• Virgin/Non-Virgin:

Virgin Remy hair is simply that which has never been chemically treated; hence, it has suffered from little chemical or styling damage. This is the highest quality in Remy hair extensions. Remy hair that has been treated (such as dyed, bleached etc.) is called non-virgin.

• Remy Hair Sorted By Origin:

The most popular and the highest quality Remy hair is Indian in origin. This hair is thin yet strong. Other varieties are Chinese, European, Brazilian, and, possibly, Russian, though the existence of the last has always been somewhat controversial. European hair is very fine, and Chinese is strong but coarse and thick.

Advantages of Remy Hair over Ordinary Human/Synthetic Hair:

Remy hair has significant advantages over ordinary human and synthetic hair.

 Advantages of Remy human hair over other human hair:

Human hair from other origins, even if it is of good quality such as non-Remy European, does not have cuticles growing in the same direction. Thus it is prone to tangling and consequently breaking. The absence of unidirectional cuticles also means less shine than Remy hair.

 Advantages of Remy human hair over synthetic hair:

Synthetic hair is highly prone to styling damage, especially heat-based styling. It does not look as natural as Remy hair, and there is a world of difference in the natural bounce and shine of the hair. The advantage is that is available in greater variety and is cheaper.

The bottom line is this: Remy hair might be a little (or significantly) heavier on your pocket, but when you compare its look to that of other varieties, it is completely worth going for as far as hair extensions are concerned.

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