His and Hers Matching Diamond Wedding Rings

Published: 13th October 2010
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A wedding day is filled with symbolism, and the exchange of vows and wedding rings is the pinnacle of any wedding ceremony. Those 2 rings are also the one enduring symbol of your marriage, they go everywhere with both of you, reminding you of your commitment long after the ceremony is over. So it stands to reason that the two wedding rings need to look stylish and beautiful, they also needs to have a lot of physical strength to endure a lifetime of use.

In the past it was fairly traditional for wedding rings to be two plain gold bands, but these days many couples are not only choosing their wedding rings to match the engagement ring, but also to match each other. This often includes both parties selecting matching diamonds on their wedding bands.

This collection of three matching diamond rings can be set in platinum, white, yellow or rose gold and naturally you can choose classic designs or unique, one-of-a-kind creations. The diamond wedding rings can have anywhere from one diamond to being diamond encrusted all the way around the band, the possible combinations are only limited by yours and the jeweller’s imaginations.

A growing trend among couples is to design their own rings, and then finding a master jeweller to make up the engagement ring and two wedding rings as a hers, hers and his matching triplet set. It speaks volumes about your compatibility as a couple when you can decide on something as important as a uniquely designed wedding ring you would both be happy to wear every day for the rest of your lives.

Choosing Your Matching Diamond Wedding Rings

There are a few things you need to think about before choosing your matching diamond wedding rings:-

• Carefully consider the shape and size of both your hands and fingers – what looks great on her hand may not look so good on his.

• Ask yourselves if one or both of you will need to remove the rings frequently because of the work you do? Some occupations are not congenial to beautiful, large settings, so choose your rings based on getting that balance right for both of you.

Shopping for your matching rings should be a fun thing for you both, so before you start, make sure you both know what your budget is and be sure to look within that range. Although the engagement ring can be one of the more expensive purchases in your life, you can still find stunning and beautiful matching diamond wedding rings for both of you, so make that part of the challenge when choosing your rings.

Matching diamond wedding rings are important emblems of your marriage and compatibility, so take the time to make the best choices available.

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